How To Buy A Tablet

Choose tablet with a touch screen that can respond quickly. For a 7-inch tablet should select screen which has a resolution of 1,024 x 768. The camera has a resolution above 3 Mp Search for a tablet that has RAM Min 512, Min 1 Ghz processor.
Make sure the tablet to be purchased has the availability of updates in the future. Adjust connectivity with the network to which the tablet will be used, the best option is the WiFi plus 3G tablet. Provide a minimum of 1 year warranty.

3G Tablet

3G Tablet

3G Tablet is a tablet that is operated by using a 3G (third-generation technology). 3G technology is also referred to as Mobile broadband because it has quick access to the Internet with a bandwidth of up to 384 kilobits per second when the user tablet at rest or moving as fast as pedestrians. 3G Tablet widely used in locations that are not available WiFi network or outside the area Hotspot.
Some tablets equipped devices access to networks WiFi and 3G

Tablet For Kids

Tablet For Kids

Tablets for kids have simple features to support children learn, but it comes with interactive games customized with age. Tablet for kids designed with bright colors, have a button which is easy to use and equipped with anti-collision frame.

Best Android Tablet

Best Android Tablet

Best Android Tablet until mid-year 2013 were Google's Nexus 7. The reason, has the size as the favorite tablet : 7 inches. Google Nexus 7 using the latest operating system: Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. Equipped with Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor,  and it's cheap: $ 199. Today many people choose a tablet that uses the Android Operating System

Android Tablet

Android Tablet is a tablet that uses the Android operating system. This operating system is open, it can be used for free and continue to be developed by Google. Android Tablets are growing to dominate the market. Other operating systems are:
iOS, tablet that uses the operating system only iPad. Because the operating system is owned by Apple.
Blackberry Tablet OS. Tablet-based operating systems rely on the system's fully touch to browse the menu. But the number of applications and games on the OS is still very limited.
Windows 7. Has a display and a user interface similar to the desktop version. To be able to use the operating system's hardware devices required high grade.

7 inch tablet


7-inch tablet is most preferred by consumers. Because it is larger than cell phones and smaller than a laptop, easy to carry and easy to use. Some companies, such as Animoca, an app publisher company, doing research on the most widely used tablet. As a result, the size of 7-inch tablet most preferred by consumers.

What Is The Best Tablet ?


Tablet is best if it can serve the needs of users and creating effective. Thus, each tablet could be the best tablet for the user if the user can choose a tablet according to his needs.
Tablet market consists of segments that are dividing producers to sell their tablets, while consumers can also buy a tablet in accordance with their needs and their budget.
So, what is the best tablet for you? Only you can give an answer. Because who knows you need is your own.